Scam Notice

Scam: Phone calls, sweepstakes notices and checks that appear to be from American Fidelity Assurance Company (AFA). AFA has learned that numerous individuals are receiving:

Scam phone calls from one or more individuals:

  • That claim to be from the Federal Trade Commission or other legitimate entity.
  • That informs recipients that they have won a prize from a Charitable Foundation, which is usually legitimate as well. American Fidelity is mentioned in this verbal exchange.

Scam letters:

  • From the Consumer and Merchandise Reward Promotions International, Inc.
  • Or from the Consumer Protection Dept
  • That inform the recipient that they are the winner of a drawing in a sweepstakes or promotional draw
  • Lists numerous known retail stores

AFA Response: American Fidelity Assurance Company is not associated with any of these individuals who are responsible for these phone calls, letters and/or checks.

AFA does not:

  • Award Prizes - to random individuals, as our business is to, provide benefits and services to our Customers
  • Issue Prize Checks - that are sent with the prize-winner notifications. The individuals are creating fraudulent and bogus checks with American Fidelity Assurance Company as the Payor

If you receive a:

  • Call - do not follow directions from individuals who ask for personal information
  • Check - do not attempt to cash this check as it is counterfeit

We are reporting this matter to the appropriate authorities. If you have received a phone call or a letter and/or check, please contact The Special Investigation Unit using one or more of the following methods:

  • Completing the SIU Form
  • Faxing a copy of these documents to 405-416-7973. We will provide them to authorities.
  • Leave a message on our Hotline at 800-TIP-OFFS
  • If urgent, you may speak with a member of the SIU by calling 800-654-8489 ext. 5296