Your HSA as a Retirement Tool

An HSA offers significant tax advantages and provides opportunities to invest in mutual funds. If you’re looking for an additional way to plan for retirement, an HSA may provide you with another means to save for your retirement goals.

When to invest your money

Account holders can choose to invest their funds in a variety of investment options. A minimum balance of $2,500 must be maintained in the HSA before investing.

InvesTrust, an experienced member of the American Fidelity family, serves as the custodian for all investments made through your HSA. 

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You will not be charged fees to invest, however, fees associated with certain funds may be incurred. We recommend you review the fund’s prospectus for additional information when choosing an investment option.

Where to invest your money

American Fidelity Assurance Company provides a strong offering of no-load mutual funds that cross all investment risk tolerances, such as American Funds, AIM, Vanguard and Morgan Stanley. You pick the mutual fund that best suits your needs and risk tolerance from our selected list. View the Investment Fund Listings.