Paying With Your HSA

We offer several ways for you to access your money to pay for healthcare expenses  including copayments, prescriptions, vision, and dental  for you, your spouse, and your dependents.

Your distributions are tax free when used for eligible medical expenses. With an HSA, funds are available in your account as contributions are made. If  funds are not yet available at the time a payment is due, you may pay out of pocket and reimburse yourself when you have funds in your account.


HSA Debit Card

When you use your HSA debit card to pay for eligible medical expenses, the amount is deducted straight from your account. 


Online Bill Pay 

You can choose to reimburse yourself for any eligible medical expenses or pay your provider directly from your online account using our online bill pay option.

Manual Withdrawal 

If you prefer not to use the online reimbursement option, you can withdraw funds to reimburse yourself for eligible medical expenses by completing our Distribution Request Form and mailing or faxing it back to AFA.